Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Cory Carlyle has been practicing criminal law for parts of over ten years, was a prosecutor in Dallas County and in the District of Columbia, and whose primary focus has been on helping those charged with crimes for the last 7 years.

Cory Carlyle is a Dallas Criminal Appeals Lawyer who can help you or your loved one through the challenges caused by a criminal conviction. Though based in Dallas, Mr. Carlyle is, first and foremost, a Texas criminal appeals lawyer, so no matter where your conviction is in the state, he can help. Mr. Carlyle can easily be your Collin County Criminal Appeals Lawyer or Rockwall County Criminal Appeals Lawyer.

Mr. Carlyle can also help as a writ of habeas corpus lawyer anywhere in the state of Texas. If your loved one was wrongfully convicted, if a witness has changed his story, or in other situations, a writ of habeas corpus may be the right way to proceed.

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